Susan Osborne

Susan is a member of Trinity Baptist Church, Titahi Bay and is nominated as President by Assembly Council.

“I reluctantly agreed to allow my name to go forward as I see this as another opportunity to serve the Baptists of NZ and I will bring a strong cross cultural emphasis in any contribution I can make.”

Susan has had a long history with the Baptist movement and has served overseas as an NZBMS global worker for many years as well as working in the national office for NZBMS.  She is pastoral, caring and a person who looks around for what needs doing and does it.

Susan has a deep love of God, a passion to see people changed by Jesus, knowledge of what it means to be Baptist, Biblical wisdom, history of Baptist movement and people, good listening skills, compassion for people.

From Assembly Council

We approached Susan asking her to take on the challenge of this role because we see her leadership capability and commitment that has been exhibited over many years.

Our prayer is that Susan’s passion for mission will inspire another generation of Baptists to make mission the centre of everything once again.

From Raewyn Moodie (a former President)

In the Vice President role we need people with commitment to seeing the gospel change communities, time to go and visit churches, knowledge of our Baptist world, personal mana and standing amongst our people through their service to our movement during their lives and the ability to get alongside those who may need some encouragement in their role among our churches. Susan brings all these things.

From the Trinity Baptist Church, Titahi Bay Church leadership:

We would have no hesitation in recommending Susan for this position, she is a very willing worker, and gets involved in all kinds of activities right across the board. Always encouraging toward the people.

Get to know Susan:

I’m a Baptist with a capital B and have belonged to a Baptist church since I joined Gisborne Central in 1966.

I trained for 3 years at Baptist Theological College doing a social worker’s course then a missionary course.  I served overseas with Arotahi (NZBMS) for 40 years, in Bangladesh and Kolkata doing women’s work, supervising TEE classes, serving on the executive of the College of Christian Theology for several years, co- team leader establishing the team in Kolkata and travelling around Asia with John as MPIL managing Director.  I studied by distance from Carey and graduated with a BAppTheol in 2006, then received a Post Graduate Diploma in Theology from Laidlaw College in 2016.

I’ve also written 3 books of Christian leaders in Bangladesh. I spent 4 years volunteering as the NZBMS archivist.