Allan Taylor

Allan is a member of Eastgate Christian Centre and is nominated by Andy Shudall.

I’m passionate about seeing our Baptist Churches thrive – bringing gospel renewal to people and places in their local neighbourhoods. I resonate strongly with our National Leader’s vision that our churches be characterised by robust leadership, growing disciples, authentic worship, and heathy resources.

Allan brings more than 40 years in pastoral leadership, church growth and development. He begins insights from growing a church plant into one of our larger churches which has seen leaders grown and developed and sent out to serve in churches around Aotearoa and around the world.

Allan brings seniority, mana, a love for Jesus, a deep prayer life, hope, vision, optimism, and time as he’s about to retire.

Allan’s insight and leadership mana gives the depth, breadth and gifts which would serve the union well.

I (Andy Shudall) have just been elected as Senior Pastor, following Allan. Eastgate love this man and he’s served in an exemplary manner.

Get to know Allan:

Allan has a deep love for the church and a lengthy background of involvement and service in Baptist Churches:

  • He was dedicated at Valley Road Baptist Church in 1953 and baptised at age13 in the Kaitaia Baptist Church where his parents were part of the original church planting team.
  • In 1973 he became treasurer of the Te Atatu Baptist Church, serving in the role for 13 years.
  • In 1975 he graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and worked for several years for Baptist stalwart Norman Reynolds, a chartered accountant, who at that time was chair of the Baptist College Board. One of Allan’s responsibilities was to prepare the wages for Manurewa Baptist Children’s Home.
  • In 1977 Allan attended Bible College for 2 years and a year later was appointed as Assistant Pastor of Te Atatu Baptist which at that time was experiencing a season of significant growth.
  • In 1986 Allan accepted a call to the fledgling Pigeon Mountain Baptist Fellowship in Pakuranga which had been planted 18 months earlier by Panmure Baptist. It later became known as Eastgate Christian Centre when it purchased its own premises in Pakuranga and after pastoring this flourishing church for 37 years Allan concluded his ministry there as Senior Pastor in mid-October 2023.
  • He has also served for two years on the Northern Baptist Association Board.

During his 50 years of service in Baptist church leadership, including 42 years in full time ministry Allan gained experience in a number of areas which could be of benefit if he were to be appointed to the Vice President’s role.

Importance of Prayer

For Allan, prayer is paramount. As he says, “Prayer is the most important thing we do. Eastgate has always been strongest when grounded in prayer.” He fully affirms the saying, “Prayer is the real work; service is gathering up the results.”

Global Mission.

Allan is passionate about Global Mission, having been on 18 short term mission trips to places such as India, New Covenant Islands, PNG; Goby Desert, Mongolia; Thailand and the Philippines.  For the last 25 years he has chaired the Global Mission Team at Eastgate which oversights the financial and prayer support of 7 Global Mission Partners serving in various countries around the world. It also facilitates and helps organise annual short-term mission/exposure trips for congregation members.

Church Planting

In 2017 when 6 families moved from Eastgate to Te Kauwhata Allan oversaw the planting of a new church in the township which currently has up to 100 people in regular attendance.

Buildings, Finance and Capital Raising

During the 15 years Eastgate was in rented facilities Allan gained extensive experience in commercial property while looking for a building suited to the church’s needs. He oversaw the capital raising for the funds required to purchase and refurbish the warehouse which became their church home. Today the church owns 4 warehouses and 2 residential houses, all adjacent to one another.

Op Shop

Being a firm believer that it is advantageous for churches to supplement their budgets where possible through alternative income streams, in 2002 Allan initiated the establishment of an op shop in an adjacent warehouse. With 14 staff, 2 trucks and annual turnover of $1.2 million it has grown to become one of the largest in East Auckland.

Team Building and Raising New Leaders

Allan says “Eastgate is organised around serving teams and we have worked hard at developing leaders at every level. Several young people who have come up through Eastgate are serving in local churches in varying capacities including pastors and youth pastors in other parts of New Zealand and Australia”.

Church Management, Staffing and Change Management

Allan has gained significant experience leading Eastgate through many different seasons including times of great challenge and difficulty. With 20 plus staff he has also considerable experience with staff management.

Multicultural Ministry

Allan says “I have deeply held convictions:

  • That every person is made in the image of God, they matter to Him, therefore they matter to us, regardless of their background, culture, colour of their skin or sexual orientation.
  • That every person who comes within our church doors deserves a friendly welcome and extravagant hospitality.
  • That God is a loving father seeking His lost children and His heart is for the last, the lonely and the least, He has no favorites, and the ground is level at the foot of the cross.
  • That every person can connect with God and have a personal relationship with Him through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.
  • These deeply held convictions have been instrumental in shaping the direction of my ministry especially over the last 15 years. They are also among the values that have been foundational to Eastgate becoming a church with over 45 different ethnicities and where cultural diversity is celebrated.”