Jane is a member of Oxford Terrace Baptist Church and is nominated by Carron Stevenson.

“I think the gifts and the experiences I have may bring something new to the team.
I will bring the way God leading me of serving the body of Christ to role.”

Jane is the Pastor of our 2:00 pm congregation and is an integral part of our pastoral Team at Terrace, Jane ministers to many new Christians, many of whom come from non-kiwi cultures. She has a strong passion and gift for evangelism and teaching. This is coupled with ministries in deliverance, dreams and interpretation of dreams. She also has giftings in the discernment of spirits.

God’s use of these gifts through Jane has resulted in many conversions and baptisms in our Church, in particular among the Asian members of our community.

Our pastoral team also draws on these gifts in Jane when working across our congregations.

Oxford Terrace Baptist supports this nomination. As a woman leader in our church, we believe that God is now calling Jane into this role. We are confident that Jane’s passion for Jesus and for bringing people to faith, combined with her strong multi-cultural experience will make a great contribution to her effectiveness as a member of the Women’s Board.

Get to know Jane:

In 2005, I was called by God to plant a home church at our house in Shenzhen China.

2005-2012,  Through the gifts of apostleship I was given, I was teaching, pastoring, making disciples of Jesus, raising up, training and developing leaders at the home church. I was also doing Healing and Deliverance ministry to the home church and to the church leaders from different parts of China. Through the gifts of dreams and visions, the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, distinguishing between spirits, interpretation of the dreams, many people were set free from certain bondages and reconciled their relationship with God and with people.

2013-2015, I did theological study in Christchurch, meanwhile, I did intern in OTBC.

2016-now, I was appointed as a leader of OTBC first. Then I started a Mandarin bible study due to a vision I received from God. In 2017, I planed the 2pm Service with 10 Chinese students and one Indian young man according to the dreams sent by God. Later, many people got baptized, many were healed from various diseases through repentance and forgiveness by God’s grace. I’ve been doing the similar things as I did in China. The service is growing in quality and quantity.