Katie Kingsthwaite

Katie is a member of South West Baptist Church and is nominated by South West Baptist Church.

I have personal and professional experience alongside a deep passion for the mahi of mutual transformation. A commitment to supporting the shaping of Arotahi and the wider baptist movement to reflect on our legacy, live meaningfully in our present and courageously dream for our future.

Katie has a heart for justice and advocacy. She has experience working with World Vision, supporting refugees who have resettled in New Zealand, and has been a member of the Mission Council for the past two years.

Katie is an intelligent young wāhine who cares about mission, and mission being done well. She has relevant experience working for a variety of mission based organisations.

Having sat on Mission Council for the past two years, Katie has a thorough understanding of what is needed for the role, and how Mission Council operates. She brings a distinctive young voice, with a natural passion for advocacy, the poor and unreached.

Katie is part of the life of our church, having served on our staff team helping co-ordinate our response to the terror attacks of March 15, 2019, as part of our worship team, and having preached on occasion. We knew she has been a valued member of the Missions Council for the past two years, and hope she will be able to continue contributing in this space.

Get to know Katie:

I currently work as an Intelligence Analyst for a government agency and have previously worked at World Vision and on a Tearfund funded project with South West Baptist Church in response to the 2019 Mosque Terror Attack.

I have been on Mission Council for two and a half years and love the opportunity to learn from the collective wisdom on governance, being Baptist and the transformational and challenging mahi of Arotahi.

I am passionate about advocacy, communication and shifting perspectives on the inter-connections of our lives and our world.

I have academic, professional and personal understanding of the pain and suffering present throughout the world, but a fundamental hope and faith in the promise of His kingdom on earth.