Greg is a member of Hosanna Dannevirke Baptist Church and is nominated by Hosanna Dannevirke.

I love the diversity of the Baptist family and am keen that voices from minority and mainstream communities, big and small churches, country churches and urban churches,  are heard and help shape our future.

Greg is good a developing relationships and leading out of  Pastoral relationships.  He is able to talk firmly but fairly to give clear direction and set boundaries.

Greg has a prayerful Christ-led faith and trust in God’s leading and direction.  He has a willingness to sacrificially serve the calling on his life.

Greg has the ability to identify strategic issues.  He is a big picture thinker and sees relationships, synergies and opportunities for collaboration within and across organisations and communities.

He is also a creative problem solver and team player.

Since 1997 Greg and Leonnie have co-led in different levels of church leadership.  Together they led home groups , then the Māori community at a large multicultural/Pasifika church in Lower Hutt and then as Assistant Pastors in Lower Hut before accepting the roles as Co- Pastors in Dannevirke.

Greg has been active in the LNIBA supporting the regional leader in organising the Regional Hui and has been MC at the National Hui for over 6 years.

Greg and Leonnie have developed extensive Christian/Baptist/Māori/Oceania networks

Greg had a public service career covering; strategic community housing policy development; the redesign of a lending product to address housing on Māori-owned land; advising NGOs on community and organisational development; facilitating conversations across government agencies, industry organisations and training organisations to address labour market issues in the Wellington region; commissioning communications media for multi level audiences as a museum Interpreter at Te Papa.

As a Museum Exhibitions Interpreter and as a host of the annual Baptist Hui, Greg has well developed communication skills.  He is able to identify the needs of an audience and interpret and deliver clear concise messages.

Governance experience over three decades across many organisations including tribal trusts, Kohanga Reo and school boards, NGO boards and as an advisor to a statutory corporate board at Housing New Zealand.

Able to operate across diverse cultures respectfully and with enthusiasm.

A deep understanding of Kiwi and Māori worlds and able to operate effectively in and across both. Greg is an effective navigator at the junction of both cultural perspectives.

A good knowledge of the Baptist family an understanding of our recent history.  Has a heart to serve and strengthen the Baptist family of churches.

Greg has a Kingdom perspective and a desire to serve the wider body of Christ to bring change and hope to our nation.

Has a desire to see Māori leaders being released to serve in God’s Kingdom.

Gregory Motu currently pastors Hosanna Dannevirke a Baptist Church in a small country town between Napier and Masterton.  He and his wife Leonnie have served in church leadership at different levels ever since becoming Christians in 1998 at Lower Hutt.  Ministry roles have included leading the Māori community at a large Pasifika congregation in Lower Hutt and being responsible for Church – Community Engagement before being commissioned as an associate Pastor in 2011.  In 2013 They were called to serve at Hosanna Dannevirke.

Greg has a bicultural background being brought up in a mixed Māori-Pākehā whānau in South Auckland.  His father comes from Ngāti Naho in the Waikato and his mother is Kiwi with Irish and Swiss heritage.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and worked as a Māori advisor on the natural history exhibitions Awesome Forces and Mountains to the Sea at Te Papa Tongarewa Museum. This was followed by a government service career that included advising on strategy, policy and planning for several government organisations with a focus on Community Development, Labour Market Planning and Strategy and Community Social Housing.

He has governance experience both as an advisor to Trusts, NGOs and a Statutory Board as well as sitting on school boards and trusts of community organisations.  “I am always interested in how decisions made centrally, impact at a local level.    I have a strong belief that God has put the answers to tough questions within the hearts and minds of faithful believers and practitioners at the coal face of churches throughout New Zealand.”

Greg is a Māori representative on the All Pacific Arise Council; a member of Te Oko Hou (The New Bowl), a Māori Christian Leadership and Prayer Network.  He is also a member of Te Ia o Te Wairua (The Flow of the Spirit), a kaupapa Māori national intercessory network.  “We are facing difficult times as a family of churches, but I trust that God remains in our midst leading us to a future where Baptist churches will thrive and impact our communities and our nation for His glory.”