Live Streaming

We will be live streaming the following messages: 

  • #1: Spectacular Jesus @ 2pm, Thursday 3rd November.  
  • #2: Spectacular Calling @ 8.45am, Friday 4th November.  
  • #3: Spectacular Church @ 11.00am, Friday 4th November.  
  • #4: Spectacular Youth @ 9.15am, Saturday 5th November.  
  • #5: Spectacular Future @ 11.15am, Saturday 5th November.  
  • #6: Spectacular Power @ 1.40pm, Saturday 5th November.  

These messages will remain viewable in a playlist after the live stream has concluded.

Watch Live


All Hui information will be available in our new Baptist NZ app prior to Hui. This will contain the information you need during Hui, including the full programme, site map, and other information. Within the app are various notification settings. There is one called “Annual Hui (Assembly) announcements” – turn this on to receive information and updates during Hui 2022. Many of you will already have the app on your devices, if not use these links: Google Play or Apple App Store .

NOTE: this is different to the app used for the 2019 Hui. 


Check-in will be open from 10.30am, Thursday 3rd November at Bethlehem Baptist Church.


Bethlehem Baptist Church, 90 Bethlehem Road, Bethlehem, Tauranga, 3110


Tauranga has a range of great motels/hotels. See this link for some options. 


Bethlehem Baptist Church have kindly offered to arrange billeting with some of their church members for those who may want this option. Please contact [email protected] to arrange.   

Children’s Programme

We will provide a programme for children attending the Hui providing we have enough numbers to make this viable.  

Please contact Kathryn Heslop ([email protected]) if you are interested in bringing your children.


Afternoon Tea

Morning Tea
Afternoon Tea

Morning tea

Please make sure that you identify your dietary requirements clearly when registering.   

COVID Policy

We want to ensure that Hui 2022 is a safe environment for all our Baptist whānau who attend. We will comply with all Ministry of Health and Government regulations that are in place at the time of Hui. 

We encourage good hygiene practices. Please wash your hands regularly. Hand sanitiser will be available, and the venue will be cleaned throughout the duration of Hui.  

Please do not attend Hui if you are feeling unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms, or if anyone in your household is waiting for a Covid-19 test result or is self-isolating. In these circumstances we will provide a full refund. 

In the case of a change to settings in the Covid Protection Framework, we will provide further information about any changes affecting Hui 2022.

Zero Waste

We hope to make Hui 2022 wherever possible, a zero-waste event.

Here are some tips: 

  • Bring a refillable drink bottle. 
  • Biodegradable and compostable cutlery, plates and cups will be used throughout the event.  
  • Keep an eye out for our recycling bins. There will be sets of four bins that can take food/compostable waste, clean plastic and paper, glass and general waste.
  • Think about carpooling from the airport/bus stop to your accommodation and from your accommodation to the venue. If you are staying close by, how about walking? 
  • How about off-setting your carbon to get here? Air NZ run a carbon offset programme; keep an eye out for it when you are booking your tickets. 
  • We will not be providing a paper copy of the Hui information, including the annual report and financials. These will be available on the app and sent via email.
  • We will not be distributing paper fliers. There will be TV screens around BBC with important up to date information.
  • The info desk is a great place to start for any Hui or local questions! 


We would like to see as many people from our Baptist movement at Hui as possible!  

When it comes to voting however, according to our constitution, churches are given a quota for the number of official voting delegates a church may bring to the Assembly (Hui).  

Each constituent church may appoint its minister and two members as official voting delegates to the annual Baptist Hui. Churches having more than 100 members may appoint one additional voting delegate for every complete 50 members in excess of 100 up to 250, and thereafter one additional voting delegate for every complete 100 members. 

Numbers of official voting delegates from churches allowed at Hui: 

  • Up to 149 members: 1 minister 2 delegates 
  • 150 to 199 members: 1 minister 3 delegates 
  • 200 to 249 members: 1 minister 4 delegates 
  • 250 to 349 members: 1 minister 5 delegates 
  • 350 to 449 members: 1 minister 6 delegates 
  • 450 to 549 members: 1 minister 7 delegates etc. 

Baptist Fellowships may send two official non-voting representatives. However, accredited ministers are able to vote as of right.  

Other voting delegates: 

  • The Officers of the Union and NZBMS together with Senior Executive Staff. 
  • Missionaries of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society. 
  • Persons appointed by Assembly or appointed/ratified by the Assembly Council to official positions in the Union.  
  • Chairpersons of all officially appointed Committees, Boards and Trusts of the Union.  

The following have full powers of participation and of voting except in regard to matters affecting the constitution and Rules of the Union: 

  • The members of the Assembly Council and Mission Council for the past year. 
  • Accredited ministers who are out of pastoral charge or not in active service. 
  • Missionaries of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society who have retired after not less than ten years active service and who are present in person at Assembly.  
  • The Editor of the NZ Baptist Magazine.  

Each fellowship which is officially recognised by the Baptist Union may appoint two observers, without speaking or voting rights.  

This year’s voting will be done digitally via an online voting platform called Election Buddy. We will provide instructions closer to the time, but in short: each voting delegate will receive a unique ID through the Hui registration process and this will allow secure anonymous voting during the voting period at Hui. Voting will be done on your own device or computer, and we will also provide a computer voting booth and support person at Hui. 


The nomination forms have been sent out for:

  • Assembly Council
  • Mission Council
  • Carey College Board
  • Women’s Board

Nominations close on Friday, 9 September 2022.