Santhosh George

Santhoash is a member of Ormiston Community Baptist Church and is nominated by Ormiston Community Baptist Church.

My cross-disciplinary background and strategic thinking skills will be useful in bringing a unique perspective to the table.

Santhosh is qualified and experienced in both secular and theological realms. His gifts and abilities as a consultant for engineering projects and pastor of a church would support his nomination.

Santhosh brings his diligent and hardworking self to the role.

Santhosh would be an ideal candidate with his passion and commitment to the vision and mission of the college.

Get to know Santhosh:

With a background in Engineering and Business, I can bring to the table strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. I applied these skills in various business consulting roles, eventually starting my own business. I’m now a full-time pastor at Ormiston Community Baptist, having trained through Carey. I believe in the mission of Carey to equip the next generation of ministry leaders and am keen to contribute my skills towards this mission.