Bradley Nicolson

Bradley is a member of Oxford Terrace Baptist Church and is nominated by the Oxford Terrace Baptist Church Elders.

“I bring skills in strategic thinking, governance, finance & project management but it is my love for the Bible and Jesus that stirs me to be radical in my love for God’s people and places.”

Bradley has gifts in the following areas:

* Strategic financial planning

* Budgeting

* Financial reporting

* Fundraising

These, combined with his experience in governance, project management and social justice orientated initiatives, will I believe prove helpful to the work of the Mission Council. Bradley is a good long term thinker and planner and he takes a structured and well organised approach to everything he does.

Through Bradley’s work with Kanuka Hopestill, and his work on a range of other Boards, he has demonstrated a prayerful, diligent, and highly ethical approach. He takes initiative, comes up with creative solutions to challenges, and always demonstrates a strong sense of ownership, passion, and responsibility in everything he does. I think he will not only bring important financial governance and  management expertise to the role, but that he will also bring a great deal of passion and enthusiasm.

Bradley has already been serving on the Council in a seconded capacity for the past 9 months and I am confident that he has a solid understanding of what is required for the role. He is passionate about the Gospel, about seeing others come to faith, and about seeing lives transformed. He is also passionate about resourcing those who operate at the forefront of Mission and social justice initiatives in communities being well resourced and supported. Through his work at OTBC, we have experienced first-hand Bradley’s commitment to the long term work involved in supporting these things, particularly through our social housing initiatives. Mission work is a long term commitment, and Bradley has demonstrated a long term approach to planning and to resourcing for the future.

Oxford Terrace Baptist Church sees this nomination as important in supporting the growth of the  gospel, both here and in the wider world. We also see it as an important part of supporting the objectives and work of the Mission Council, and of supporting Bradley’s growth and experience.

We are aware that a role on Mission Council will involved some travel and time away from family. As part of our due diligence, we have asked Bradley to confirm that his family supports this application, and we have their assurance that they do.

We have a long history with mission and are keen to continue our engagement and support of it. This is a continuation of that involvement, and we are pleased to nominate and support Bradley in this.

Get to know Bradley:

I am blessed to be married to Priscilla and father of 3-year-old daughter Astrid together, we live, work and worship as part of the Oxford Terrace Community. Raised by the Church through three main seasons, born into the Salvation Army as the son of officers, spent high school years at Wilson Street Baptist Church, moved to Christchurch start 2011 for university and have been part of Oxford Terrace Baptist Church for over 12 years. All three Churches have installed in me a love for Jesus and a heart for bringing about Christ’s justice and mission, and I love being Baptist!

Graduate of Canterbury University (2015) BCOM in Finance Accounting and Taxation Accounting. Often torn between my worldly talents with finance and my heart for the poor and marginalised. This tension led me to spend two years working full-time with people with disabilities before OTBC provided me with a way to use my skills in finance to develop the church’s property. As a registered member of the NZ Institute of Directors and have spent the past decade serving as treasurer, trustee or director on multiple Baptist Church/Trust boards, I am slowly gaining governance experience and knowledge but am still young and have lots to learn. My day job is as the General Manager of Kānuka Hopestill Limited (OTBC). The company primarily has contracts with Churches & Trusts to manage their administration, finance, property and building developments but also runs a cafe & lawn business. I have spent the past 12 months co-opted onto the board of NZBMS and have been captivated by the vision of Arotahi and what hand carved mission can look like for our churches, country and world.