Andrew Brown

Andrew is a member of Pakuranga Baptist Church and is nominated by the Pakuranga Baptist Church Elders Board.

I have considerable experience of Baptist Church life which coupled with strong Board level skills would enable me to make a positive contribution to our Baptist movement at a national level.

Andrew is an experienced leader within a variety of faith-based organisations.   Through Church and wider Board participation he has developed an understanding and appreciation of the role of governance and the place it plays in the strategic direction and leadership of an organization.  He has taken part in leadership decisions that have charted a new course or direction within a variety of entities and is well acquainted with making group-based decisions.  He is skilled is a variety of forms of communication and appreciates the need to research, consult and reach a group consensus without losing momentum.  He is also able to use his accountancy and commercial training to evaluate the resources needed and the impact of a decision both before and during implementation.

Andrew has very strong personal code of ethics and uses these to inspire others to work together towards their mutual goals.  He is reliable, generally positive, and is  energetic in his commitment to an organisation’s values and culture while acknowledging the need for change and reform.

Andrew is open and honest in communication.  He is aware of his own strengths and weaknesses and is willing to admit his mistakes when appropriate.  He is usually composed and resilient when facing adversity and is able to act with courage and determination when action is called for.

He is a team player who encourages participation, collaboration, and collegial values.  He is a ready listener and is willing to offer personal support when needed.  He is also loyal to the goals of an organising and is willing to play his part in working towards the bigger picture.   He has a disposition towards the ongoing improvement of an organisation, displays adaptability, and uses his focuses gifts to help Board’s function better so that their processes lead to the best possible outcomes for all concerned.

Andrew has long term experience as a Pastor within the Baptist Churches of NZ, and this shows his deep commitment to the Kingdom.  He has participated in the Boards of the Christian Counselling Centre (East Auckland) and several Northern Association Boards amongst others. He is currently a Pastor’s Cluster Co-Ordinator.  Andrew is married to Nan-Yong, a South Korean and as such brings intercultural skills to the table.  He has completed the Institute of Directors one-week residential programme as part of his passion for Board work.  Several years ago, he completed a master’s on Spiritual Growth in the context of the local church and therefore understands ecclesiology and how the local church functions in order to achieve its spiritual aims.

He currently has a growing interest in Professional Supervision and particularly enjoys working with and learning from young Pastors in their first five years of ministry as well as ministering amongst youth and young adults.  This gives him both an appreciation of the challenges and current issues we face as movement, yet also offers him the opportunity to share with them institutional knowledge and insights that may still be of value to them.

The Elders Board of Pakuranga Baptist support this application.

Get to know Andrew:

I have been a Baptist Pastor for 28 years and love my job! I am originally from an Accounting/ Commercial background and enjoy serving with these skills on Boards.  I have trained with the NZ Institute of Directors and have served on a number of Community based Boards as well as the Northern Baptist Association.  My roots are in the South Island and my wife is Korean so I have a great interest in intercultural cooperation. I currently enjoy taking part in international ‘Holy Spirit’ ministry teams and in professional supervision learning from and sharing with younger colleagues. I completed a Masters Degree at Carey on the role of the local church in Spiritual Formation so I have a deep passion for the success and flourishing of the local church.