Ravi Musuku

Ravi is a member of Balmoral Community Baptist Church and is nominated by Devasundara Das Premadas.

I have a deep passion for mission and a good grasp and understanding of mission to Asian and Islamic countries.

Ps. Ravi is one of the most senior Indian pastors serving the BU churches since 1999. He has a rich experience in pastoral ministry. He began his career as a teacher in India and after coming to NZ, studied at Carey, and was pastoring an Indian Congregation at Hillsborough Baptist Church for many years, and in December 2012 he planted a Church in the City calling it Immanuel City Church to cater to migrant Indians. The same church is now at Balmoral Baptist Church since April 2012. He loves being a pastor to his own people and also to every other people group he is asked to minister to. He is a church planter. He knows how much the world needs the Saviour and Lord Jesus.

Ps. Ravi loves missions and loves to be in the mission fields. He likes to be where people are in need and tries his best to help them in their struggles. He has been supporting some mission organisations in India regularly. His understanding of different cultures is also great. He has travelled a lot as well. He is able to bring every ministry challenge to the feet of Jesus and reflect on them in His presence. He empowers people, works as a peace maker and is very willing to work in any given team for the glory of Lord Jesus.

Since Ps. Ravi is a pastor and a church planter, he is well aware of how a governance board functions. He has a rich experience in many governance boards and being the current president of BU he has already been sitting on the Missions Council in that capacity. He will be an asset to the Missions Council if he is elected as a member.

Get to know Ravi:

I have been a Baptist pastor for the past twenty-four years, currently, I am the pastor of Balmoral Community Baptist Church in Auckland. I have also been the President of Baptist Churches of New Zealand and the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society, during this time I have been able to understand and appreciate the ministries of Baptists both in New Zealand and overseas. It would be a privilege for me to be on the Mission Council to continue to contribute to the overseas work and also motivate and challenge the local churches to support the overseas mission.