Christian Social Entrepreneurship Image
March 30, 2023 | Glenn Melville Channel: 2144749

Christian Social Entrepreneurship

Bruce and Ann Borquist are passionate about community development. In April they are going to be sharing what they have learnt about Christian Social Entrepreneurship.

New year reflections from the cell Image
January 1, 2023 | Kelly Enright Channel: 2144749

New year reflections from the cell

Reflecting on a new year’s poem by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Kelly from Arotahi sets the scene for this new year…

Alpha on Sunday mornings?! Image
September 7, 2022 | Rachel Sangster Channel: 2144749

Alpha on Sunday mornings?!

Read about how Riccarton Baptist Church replaced their Sunday morning church services with breakfast and the Alpha course.

Justice like a river: immigration and prayer Image
November 3, 2021 | Deborah Makarios Channel: 2144749

Justice like a river: immigration and prayer

Deborah Makarios of Epuni Baptist Church asks “Who is my neighbour?”

Gospel Stories—Sandra Gordon Image
July 20, 2021 | Sandra Gordon Channel: 2144749

Gospel Stories—Sandra Gordon

How I would love to share a story that sounds like something from Acts: a miraculous healing or a story of complete transformation as happened…

Gospel Stories—Sue Avery Image
July 6, 2021 | Sue Avery Channel: 2144749

Gospel Stories—Sue Avery

Here at Connect in Blenheim Gospel Renewal in our neighbourhood has come from individuals deliberately inviting the Holy Spirit’s presence into their community and then…

Gospel Stories—Karen Schilperoort Image
June 29, 2021 | Karen Schilperoort Channel: 2144749

Gospel Stories—Karen Schilperoort

Gospel Renewal in a Hospice context happens when space is created for patients or families to take the opportunity to ‘say words that need to…

Gospel Stories—Sophie Image
June 22, 2021 | Sophie, NZBMS Channel: 2144749

Gospel Stories—Sophie

In March 2021 we had a season of 12 Days of Gospel Stories. We’re now reproducing these stories here for all to see and be…

6 ways to reach out to those overseas Image
October 10, 2020 Channel: 2144749

6 ways to reach out to those overseas

This column provides information and encouragement to help pastors and church mission committees promote mission within our churches. 

Meet Steve Withington—health professional Image
October 10, 2020 Channel: 2144749

Meet Steve Withington—health professional

Steve Withington is an elder at South West Baptist Church. He is a health professional and a recent past board member of Christian Medical Fellowship…



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