Baptist Hui-ā-Māori registration form Image
June 15, 2023 | Te Kapa Rautaki and Luke Kaa-Morgan Channel: 2144749

Baptist Hui-ā-Māori registration form

Online registration form is ready for all who are coming to the Baptist Māori-ā-hui 14-16 July 2023.

Carey’s carvings Image
September 30, 2022 | Nicola Mountfort Channel: 2144749

Carey’s carvings

Have you heard about the whakairo carvings in Carey Baptist College yet?

Becoming a Punua Pākehā Image
December 5, 2020 | John Catmur Channel: 2144749

Becoming a Punua Pākehā

At Hui 2019, John Catmur was awarded the Lionel Stewart scholarship. He planned to use the scholarship for advanced studies in te reo Māori and…

Learning from our history Image
June 4, 2020 | Bruce Patrick Channel: 2144749

Learning from our history

Bruce Patrick examines a dramatic incident in New Zealand’s colonial mission history and the example it gives of the importance of understanding others’ world view perspectives. 

Ngā Pou Amorangi Image
February 17, 2020 | Kiwii Taranaki, Val Goold, Manaakinui Te Kahu, Wendy Emsley, James and Natua Kaa-Morgan Channel: 2144749

Ngā Pou Amorangi

Ngā Pou Amorangi (NPA) is a community of learners at Carey who are supporting each other to to serve humbly and competently within Māori and…

Come and see Image
February 9, 2020 | John Tucker Channel: 2144749

Come and see

Māori students, together with their whānau, Carey staff and the Manatū Iriiri Māori strategic team, celebrate what God is doing among Māori at Carey Baptist…

Parihaka reflections: A vision for our country Image
February 7, 2018 | John Catmur, Lorraine Taogaga and Roi Nu Maran Channel: 2144749

Parihaka reflections: A vision for our country

As part of Hui 2017, delegates watched the documentary film Tatarakihi—Children of Parihaka and were then invited to Parihaka by Te Ātiawa iwi. Here are…

Te Whare Oranga Image
February 5, 2018 | Sandy Kerr Channel: 2144749

Te Whare Oranga

Learn more about Carey Baptist College's bicultural journey and plans or a new centre for Māori learning, to be called Te Whare Oranga.

Celebrating Māori achievement Image
February 5, 2018 | Carey Baptist College Channel: 2144749

Celebrating Māori achievement

Carey Baptist College celebrates the record-breaking 92% pass rate of Māori students. One is the first Māori student to complete a Master of Applied Theology…

Ka tuu, ka rongo, ki te whakapono Image
February 4, 2018 | Wendy Emsley Channel: 2144749

Ka tuu, ka rongo, ki te whakapono

At Hui 2017 we were reminded and challenged that some voices are not heard, or hardly heard, in our denomination. Wendy Emsley, former community pastor…


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