Sustainability is not a green genre Image
February 13, 2024 | Charis Fotheringham Channel: 2144749

Sustainability is not a green genre

What is sustainability, who is it about, and why is it connected to our call as Christians to bring gospel renewal?

Clean-up Sunday Image
February 13, 2023 | Andrew Baldwin Channel: 2144749

Clean-up Sunday

The world is important to us because the world is important to God.

Eastview Eco Group pitches in Image
December 8, 2022 | Nicola Mountfort Channel: 2144749

Eastview Eco Group pitches in

Nicola Mountfort, the Interim Associate Pastor at Eastview Baptist Church in Auckland, tells us about the newly-formed Eastview Eco Group. Members as young as 11…

On your bike! Image
October 5, 2019 | Steve Muir Channel: 2144749

On your bike!

Steve Muir has purchased 10 e-bikes over the past year and is loaning them long term to Baptist church leaders. The idea behind the project…



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