We love sharing the different ways God is transforming the communities we are a part of. Here are three Tranzsend stories featuring reports from the field.

Something new

The year got off to a busy start for us as we commenced three new activities. The first is a Friday conversational English class at a local high school; it is an opportunity to build relationships with staff and students and to invite the students to attend our second new activity, Connect4. This is a youth programme using board games to build connections with young people and create opportunities to talk about the important things of life. 

The third new activity is Sparkle which Ro has started in partnership with some friends in one of the villages where we work. Sparkle is a music and dance programme for preschoolers and their caregivers, created by the mainly music team. This will be a good way for our friends to strengthen their relationships with others in their community.

Please join us in these new ventures by praying for them.

From Tranzsend workers in South East Asia

Something exciting

Our students have received their O-Level results back. As their teacher, I was a bit nervous but they mostly did really well. Let me tell you about two of them—when I saw their results, I cried tears of joy. When Karly got her results, I just about fell off my chair before giving her the biggest hug ever. She had to overcome some health issues—but she did it. The other student, Anish, has dyslexia. When he got his results, his maths teacher and I danced around the staffroom.

I love the fact that we can be a part of their story of life transformation. Both of them helped out with extra classes at GEMS while they prepared for the next lot of exams, which were held in May. 

From a Tranzsend worker in South Asia

Something valuable

We’d been praying about whether we should continue with our regular activities as we move into the new year. We were thinking about this as we went out to teach the children at one village and wondering if it was time to finish there.

On arriving we were greeted by 25 kids. We then went to talk with the couple who are our main contacts in the village. They said, “The kids love you. Your teaching has benefit for them. No-one else gives our kids extra tuition. Come every day if you like!” Then at the end of the evening, three girls approached us and asked if the song we taught them at Easter “1,2,3 Jesus is Alive” is on YouTube because they want to perform it at school. We figured this was the answer to our prayers.

From Tranzsend workers in South East Asia

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