Here’s an overview of the goings on at Hui 2022: Day 1, Thursday 3 November 2022, with a few pics at the end, by Charis Fortheringham, Communication Assistant at the Baptist Support Centre. The theme this year: Ngā mahi whakamīharo: The spectacular acts of God

What a day! In a remarkable way!

It all began with a pōwhiri welcoming representatives of the Baptist whānau into Bethlehem Baptist Church, where the ripples of Hui 2022 have begun. This concluded with a yum feed, an already important event that I learned is even more important in this context because it lifts the tapu from the manuhiri (visitors). We are all together.

Keynote 1: Spectacular Jesus  (Charles Hewlett and Kathryn Heslop)

When the Baptist movement has its eyes fixed on Jesus, we know where we are going.

Charles demonstrates how passionate we should be about this by expressively going off script :)

Jesus shows us we are to be:


Here is the big question: What causes you to weep?

At the Hui, we discussed this together, and here is the summary of some of our answers:

•      Injustice to Māori

•      Breakdown in families

•      People dying hopeless when we carry the message of hope

Others centred

When we have our eyes fixed on our spectacular Jesus, we see that greatness comes from humble service.

Where do you take a servant posture?

Valuing all people

Where are you found with the unpopular?

Jesus sets an example of actively reaching out to marginal groups.

Challenging the status quo

What actions do you take that challenge the normal?

When did you last effect positive change?

Jesus restored broken lives.

It’s not just about identifying what makes us weep but what we can do about it.

Here are some inspirations shared by our whānau (note the 5-minute time limit to discuss!):

·     Injustice to Māori. Get the narrative right – understand the story so we can understand what we do. Trust Māori.

·     Breakdown in families

·     Meeting people where they are rather than waiting to meet them in a church building. Fast, pray and be intentional about building relationships.

·     The unmet need for Jesus

·     We don’t need programs; we need the power of the Holy Spirit at work within us so that all we speak about is him. So the supernatural becomes natural to us. Listen before we speak.

We finished the talk by celebrating the creativity of the Church.

Here is an excellent celebratory question Charles threw at Clint Harris, Creative Arts Pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church: What are you loving about Jesus at the moment? (Break your next prolonged silence with someone with that!)

The Common Good Coffee truck made afternoon tea extra exciting, providing a fair way of getting caffeinated. A powerful prayer time commenced. Fired not by caffeine but by the Holy Spirit.


We unfolded our arms, and some even busted out a dance move. More importantly, we honoured the service of our president, Ravi Musuku, long-standing leaders, returning Global Workers, boards, councils and our COVID-19 Response Team. We celebrated Carey’s Ministry Training graduates, newly registered Baptist leaders, and boards. We also welcomed a new fellowship and church to the Baptist Union and remembered leaders who had passed away.

Here are a few images from the day:

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